Vol. 54 No. 03 (2005): Volume 54 Number 03, June 2005

Investigating optimum speed in high-speed railway: Istanbul-Ankara corridor

Zübeyde ÖZTÜRK
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Maritime , Istanbul, Turkey

Published 2005-02-01


  • high-speed railways,
  • transport

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ÖZTÜRK, Zübeyde. 2005. “Investigating Optimum Speed in High-Speed Railway: Istanbul-Ankara Corridor”. ITU ARI Bulletin of Istanbul Technical University 54 (03):78-83. https://ari.itu.edu.tr/index.php/ituari/article/view/65.


In this paper, optimum speed on high-speed railways is investigated according to total costs for the Istanbul-Ankara connection. This connection, whose feasibility studies are completed, will serve both passenger and freight traffic. The high-speed railway route, planned between Istanbul and Ankara, is a part of the TER project (The Trans- European North-South Railway). The total cost investigated for this route includes the traffic independent (constant) costs, traffic dependent (variable) costs and the social (environmental) costs. At the end of the study it was cocluded that the optimum speed at which costs are minimised is 200 km/h for passenger trains and 90 km/h for freight trains.