Vol. 54 No. 03 (2005): Volume 54 Number 03, June 2005

Subjective experience of discomfort glare in a daylit computerized office in Istanbul and its mathematical prediction with the DGIN method

University of Helsinki, Fac. of Science, Department, of Physical Sciences Div. of Physics, Ylakiventie 2 D 70, FIN-00920 Helsinki, Finland
Istanbul Technical University, Energy Institute, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Technical University, Energy Institute, Istanbul, Turkey

Published 02/01/2005


  • discomfort glare

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NAZZAL, Ali, Önder GÜLER, and Sermin ONAYGİL. 2005. “Subjective Experience of Discomfort Glare in a Daylit Computerized Office in Istanbul and Its Mathematical Prediction With the DGIN Method”. ITU ARI Bulletin of Istanbul Technical University 54 (03):96-107. https://ari.itu.edu.tr/index.php/ituari/article/view/67.


The DGIN (New Daylight Glare Index) method was recently developed at University of Helsinki to respond the challenge of predicting discomfort glare from daylight mathematically. For daylit offices, the presence of windows with computer workstations introduces potential glare sources. This paper outlines a survey conducted in a daylit-computerized office to identify factors contributing to discomfort glare experience and test applicability of the new method. Results suggest that light distribution and presence of reflections correlate strongly with the discomfort experience, and the DGIN could be sufficiently predictive to serve as an aid to design because it shows reasonable correlation with the subjectively perceived discomfort.