Vol. 55 No. sp. is. 1 (2023): Vol. 55, special issue 1, 2023: In memoriam to the late Prof. Dr. Yusuf YAĞCI (1952-2023)
ITU ARI-A Natural Sciences

Strecker 3-Component Reaction for Post-Polymerization Modification of Pendant Aldehyde Functional Polymers

Hakan Durmaz
Istanbul Technical University
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Published 02/13/2024


  • Post-polymerization modification,
  • Strecker 3-component reaction,
  • aldehyde-functional polymers

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Ersin, Mine Aybike, Emre Akar, Dilhan Kandemir, Serter Luleburgaz, Volkan Kumbaraci, Ufuk Saim Gunay, and Hakan Durmaz. 2024. “Strecker 3-Component Reaction for Post-Polymerization Modification of Pendant Aldehyde Functional Polymers”. ITU ARI Bulletin of Istanbul Technical University 55 (sp. is. 1):29-36. https://ari.itu.edu.tr/index.php/ituari/article/view/74.


Aldehydes have always been useful building blocks in organic chemistry due to their high and diverse reactivity. They also offer easy access to various other functionalities and allow reactions to be performed under mild conditions. This distinguished versatility has allowed aldehyde-bearing polymers to be a good platform for post-polymerization modification reactions to prepare functional polymers. This study exploited the Strecker 3-component reaction to obtain polymers with α-aminonitrile groups at the side chain for the first time. For this purpose, firstly, an aldehyde-functional polymer was synthesized from 4-formylphenyl methacrylate through free radical polymerization and then modified with amine compounds in the presence of trimethylsilyl cyanide and a catalytic amount of p-toluenesulfonic acid at room temperature. The spectroscopic analyses confirmed the successful synthesis of corresponding α-aminonitriles.


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